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Monday 20 May
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Travel : Go Local, what our editors wrote

 Go Local nightlife revisited by our editors

Ten Years of Alkmaar Pride: ‘Celebrate Pride!’

2019 is a jubilee year: ten years of Alkmaar Pride. And that it’s still necessary to actively spead the message that one is proud of who one is and can love who one wants became extremely clear after the recent, and appropriate, fuss about the Nashville Statement.

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Brussels Pride, Gay-Friendly Capital of Europe

For several years, has been making it a point of honor to promote Brussels as the gay-friendly capital of 500 million Europeans. Today, courtesy of its humanistic culture and modern legislation, Brussels stands out even more in the European landscape.

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Seventienth Edition of the Eurovision SongTravestival

The Eurovision Song Contest is around the corner. Will the Netherlands finally win with Duncan after forty-four years’ time? We will only know on the 25th of May, no matter what the bookmakers say.

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Choosing in Freedom: 32rd Commemoration Ceremony at the Homomonument

It’s May 4 once again (the day on which the Dutch commemorate their war dead). People come together around the three pink granite triangles that form the Homomonument behind the Westerkerk in Amsterdam, where at 8.00 p.m. a two-minute silence will descend around the Gay Monument.

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New issue Amsterdam Gay Map Out Now

Before the flood of 2019 tourists will wash over Amsterdam, the new up-to-date issue of the yearly Amsterdam Gay Map has been distributed and is available all over the city.

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Don’t Feed the Drag Queens

Entertainment from the Bottom of the Heart. On the second and third of May the Amsterdam drag queen Miss Donna-Ray Jones will present a completely new show at Restaurant Adam & Siam. Under the all-embracing title “Don’t Feed the Drag Queens” the diva presents a finger-licking fabulous performance.

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Theatre Music Concert Forbidden Music

The Central Station opens its doors to the Royal Waiting room and the 1st class Waiting Room for a very special Theatre and Music Concert on May 4 and 5.

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Although the name suggests otherwise, Undertøj was founded in Amsterdam. The brand’s simple starting point was to create beautiful boxer shorts for men, without in-your-face logos and colors, in other words: “less is more.”

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Celebrating the King’s Birthday on the Zeedijk

Amsterdam will be celebrating King’s Day and Night again on April 26-27. Also, on the Zeedijk it will be one big party again, led by Amsterdam’s most cosy bingo queen Coby van Dam from café The Queen’s Head. This year, Coby has invited a colorful group of friends and girlfriends to sing and perform. Let’s quickly introduce them.

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The Tea Dance is Back!

Soon, Amsterdam will have another Tea Dance! On April 7 you can “land” at the end of your weekend in café The Queen’s Head and enjoy the music stylings of Bo Monde and Jakko B. We asked Jakko B if he could tell us a bit more.

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Pink Party to Celebrate Fortieth Anniversary with XL Edition

On April 13, the Pink Party will celebrate its fortieth anniversary in Maastricht. The Pink Party is thought to be the oldest, still existing GLBTI party in the Netherlands.

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COC Award for Kevin Jennings and Hans Verhoeven

This year, COCs Bob Angelo Medal has been awarded to LGBTI activist Hans Verhoeven and Kevin Jennings, initiator of the worldwide GSA movement at schools. COC President Astrid Oosenbrug presented the medals to the winners at COCs sold-out True Colors event at Paradiso Amsterdam.

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Amsterdam Bear Weekend: Calling all Bears!

This year, the traditional Amsterdam Bear Weekend (ABW) will take place March 21-25. As in previous years, it promises to be a relaxed event full of togetherness, conviviality and a touch of horniness. Events in The Web, Prik and the Bear-Ball in Panama will guarantee an unforgettable weekend.

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From Fetish to Party: Mister B Celebrates Twenty-Fifth Anniversary!

The most famous leather and fetish shop in the world is celebrating its anniversary with a party at Club Church in Amsterdam. On March the second, Mister B will be twenty-five years young! We spoke to brand and event manager Tony de Wilde about this anniversary year and to look back at the history of this iconic brand.

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Transgenders mostly do not regret decision

The transgender interest groups Transvisie and Transgender Netwerk Nederland (TNN) emphasize that regret among transgender people is very rare.

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Difficulties for LGBT Students in Dutch Secondary Schools

Many LGBT students are still finding life difficult at Dutch secondary schools. This was reported in a study conducted by the University of Columbia in conjunction with the Dutch Gay Interest group COC.

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An Interview With Amsterdam's very own Gay Granny

‘Gay Bars Are the Most Fun, Gay People Talk to Everyone’. Every Tuesday, a hysterical drag bingo is held at The Queen’s Head, and every week, she is there with her bingo tickets. Eighty-one-year-old Tini van Amerongen is Amsterdam’s biggest and oldest drag bingo fan.

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The Rozenkoor is Looking for Bass Singers, Tenors and a Conductor

Have you ever seen the Rozenkoor perform? Why not take the next step and join! The Rozenkoor is an GLB choir in Amsterdam, founded in 1992.

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Bear Pride, A Weekend to Look Forward To...

From March 20 until March 25, 2019, they’re at it again in Amsterdam: all Bears and their admirers will gather together for already the sixth edition of the Amsterdam Bear Weekend.

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COC Amsterdam returns to Rozenstraat

At the beginning of 2019, COC Amsterdam will return to its old address in Amsterdam, Rozenstraat 12. To this end, the representatives of COC Amsterdam, Vondel Hotels and real estate owner DVM signed an agreement for 10 years last November.

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Honorary Degree for Activist Peter Tatchell

Last year, the British activist Peter Tatchell received an honorary degree from Abertay University in Dundee, Scotland. In the early 1970s, Tatchell was one of the driving forces behind the British branch of the Gay Liberation Front, a militant action group that sprang to life in the wake of the Stonewall-riots in the United States.

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Stigmatization and Identity: Visiting West-Friesland’s Pink Week

A message from my sister. “Hey Wil, can you give a presentation in Enkhuizen? Please contact Lia Brouwer, she works for West-Friesland Libraries.” Sometime later, I speak to Lia on the phone and hear what they would like me to do if I’m interested in giving a presentation during the Pink Week West-Friesland. “We would like to have you represent the GLBT community as a gay author.”

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Happy Mondays: Getto Opens Seven Days a Week

You’re a tourist trudging around in the rain looking for that elusive Monday night sparkle. You scored at the weekend and don’t want it to end. Or you just love cocktails – whatever day it is. Well, you’re in luck.

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From Chicks With Dicks to Transvestism Cabaret: Twenty-Five Years of Drag Entert

Transvestism Cabaret Amsterdam is in its twenty-fifth year. Since 1993, the “ladies” and some gentlemen are presenting this sparkling theatre shows, with glitter and glamour to the fullest. These shows have live songs, self-written or modified, cabaret-like sketches, and vaudeville. Preferably with a wink and a hint of oh-la-la... and the Christmas editions are coming up!

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Liquid Kiddy: The New Party Sensation in Amsterdam

Liquid Kiddy is a new party concept, bringing you three amazing party-concepts under one roof: the sweaty Urban style of Totally, the kinky performances and progressive sound of Damage party and last but not least the internationally known PAPA party by Eliad Cohen with its sexy dancers and international line-up.

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Club YOLO Is Shaking Things Up in Amsterdam!

Last year December, at the historic location of Amstel 178, Club YOLO opened its doors for the very first time. Gay News spoke with owners Valy Pintiuc and Jorge Pessanha about the past, success and future plans.

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Regular Opening Day for Maastricht’s Café Rosé

The GLBT bar Café Rosé is open on Fridays. Café Rosé is the oldest queer bar in Maastricht and welcomes all. Experience for yourself the open-minded, cozy atmosphere in the heart of Maastricht.

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Mister B Is Looking For You!

Mister B has recently moved to Prinsengracht 192, a beautiful location near the Homomonument. The new Mister B flagship store has a modern look and feel, including its well-known range of articles. And there is now place for a shop-assistant, maybe something for you?

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Dutch Youth Happy, but Condom Use Down

How happy are young people in the Netherlands? Are they drinking less since the minimum age to drink alcohol was increased to 18? And how much time do they really spend on their mobiles? Every four years, the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction, and The Netherlands Institute for Social Research survey topics that concern young people between the ages of 11 and 16.

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Mister Leather Netherlands 2019 Contest

This year, the twenty-fourth edition of Leather Pride Amsterdam will take place from October 25-28.

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La Demence 29th Anniversary Weekend: October 26-28, 2018

Immerse yourself in a spectacular party weekend for Brussel's La Demence 29th Anniversary Weekend, and benefit from one of the many attractive hotel- and combiticket deals.

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Gay Emancipation and Moslim: Be Yourself!

Mr Bear Netherlands 2018, Kenan Sakalli (40), is a special one, as he is also Muslim. His coming out resulted in a family quarrel, after which he received death threats. But he did not let himself be pushed back into the closet and enthusiastically devoted himself to his duties as Mr. Bear. He occasionally speaks at Secret Garden. His motto: being gay means being true to yourself.

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Swim and beachwear by Fighetti & Sanwin

Although you might not think so from the name, Fighetti is a genuine Dutch brand name. The men behind this brand of swimwear were inspired by the azure blue Amalfi Coast just south of Naples.

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Rotterdam Pride - Port of Love

Rotterdam Pride will exuberantly celebrating its fifth anniversary from September 27-30 with a diverse, innovative and creative program for everyone!

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Rotterdam Summer Carnaval

Last July Rotterdam was celebreting the yearly Summer Carnaval.

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First Miss Drag Queen Limburg Contest

Earlier this year the first Miss Drag Queen Limburg election ever took place in Maastricht. In the bar of COC Limburg, Café Rosé, a very diverse audience enjoyed the performances by participating drag queens.

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Welcome Back Amistad Hotel

As one of the last remaining gay (friendly) hotels in Amsterdam for the entire GLBT community and friends, the Amistad Hotel was getting on. It was high time for a facelift, and that is exactly what happened. After a nine-month renovation period, the Amistad Hotel reopened its doors for its first guests just before the Pride.

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Kerkstraat Stage of Second Streetheart Festival

Streetheart, the quirky new GLBTQI festival on the Kerkstaat, returns for its second edition on the second Saturday of September.

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Amsterdam Pride 2018: Foto report Dam Square

The Open Air stage with amongst other the Closing Party was at one of the most iconic places in town.

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Amsterdam Pride 2018: Foto report

Beautifull weather for a sunny Canal Parade, what more can you wish for!

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Ten years Club ChUrch: Three Men and a Sex Club

This year, Club Church celebrates its tenth anniversary. Wim Peeks, Elard Diekman, and Richard Keldoulis are the three men behind the success of this popular cruise club. Gay News met with them.

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Pink Saturday 2020 in Leeuwarden

In Gouda, where Roze Zaterdag (Pink Saturday) is held this year, it was announced that Leeuwarden will host the 2020 event. It is a first for the Province of Friesland.

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Amsterdam’s Iconic Mister B Store Changes Location

After being a significant part of the leather history in the Warmoesstraat for nearly twenty-five years, Mister B thinks it’s time for a change. The Mister B flagship store is moving to a new location: Prinsengracht 192, right by the Homomonument and the Westerkerk.

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Out & About: The Netherlands - Land of Festivals!

Each month, Jurandy Lucas (creative producer of Backdoor Amsterdam) and Dave Koster (photographer) report on GLBTQIA+ events in Amsterdam and elsewhere in the country. The summer season has started, and that means festivals! This month we went to the Liberation Party at the Amsterdam Homomonument and Utrecht’s “Eurovision Alley.”

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Zeedijk Pride, Amsterdam Pride at Zeedijk!

Again this year for Pride Amsterdam, a fantastic party will be organized on the Zeedijk! In collaboration with Café Skek, Café Verhoeff, de Barderij, ’t Mandje and Little Thai Prince, Café The Queen’s Head presents a street party on Friday night, August 3, from 6 p.m. onwards, and on Saturday, August 4, from 4 p.m. to late.

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SeniorPride Concert 2018 - Sing the Praise of your Hero!

Do you have a hero? It doesn’t need to be a great or famous hero, but perhaps someone who was or is important to you? Then come to the SeniorPride Concert 2018 on Thursday, August 2 at the Nieuwmarkt in Amsterdam. This annual festival for senior GLBT’S, neighbours and interested parties presents “Life’s Concert” in honour of an assertive generation.

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The Ambassadors for Amsterdam Pride 2018: Jennifer Hopelezz

As every year, Amsterdam Pride is extremely proud of their ambassadors. This year's theme could not have suited them better, as each and every one of them have given their all for the LGBTI community. Jennifer Hopelezz.

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COC’s Shakespeare Club 2018: Sharing Stories, Exploring Identity

The third edition of COC’s Shakespeare Club will take place in the courtyard of the Amsterdam Museum, Sint Luciensteeg 27, from July 28 to August 5.

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The Ambassadors for Amsterdam Pride 2018: Vanny Reyes

As every year, Amsterdam Pride is extremely proud of their ambassadors. This year's theme could not have suited them better, as each and every one of them have given their all for the LGBTI community. Vanny Reyes, co-ordinator Empowerment at COC.

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The Ambassadors for Amsterdam Pride 2018: Serdar Manavoglu

As every year, Amsterdam Pride is extremely proud of their ambassadors. This year's theme could not have suited them better, as each and every one of them have given their all for the LGBTI community. Serdar Manavoglu, from Pink Istanbul.

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The Spijker Bar, Serving the Gay Community Since 1978

It is summer, and many are away on holiday. In the background, however, many a team, company or organization is working on the many parties, festivals and other events of Pride Amsterdam 2018, as well as the spectacular boat parade on the Prinsengracht. We went to have a chat with the Spijker Bar team, the Spijker Bar being the only gay bar with a boat during Pride.

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The Ambassadors for Amsterdam Pride 2018: Mieke Martelhoff

As every year, Amsterdam Pride is extremely proud of their ambassadors. This year's theme could not have suited them better, as each and every one of them have given their all for the LGBTI community. Mieke Martelhoff.

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Amsterdam Pride Walk: Marching for Those Who Cannot Join Us

On Saturday, July 28th, the Pride Walk will again depart from the Homomonument. The Pride Walk draws attention to the situation of GLBTI people in other countries, specifically in those countries in which homosexuality is still in the Penal Code. Furthermore, the Pride Walk is a showcase of the GLBTI community in the Netherlands.

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The Ambassadors for Amsterdam Pride 2018: Jackson

As every year, Amsterdam Pride is extremely proud of their ambassadors. This year's theme could not have suited them better, as each and every one of them have given their all for the LGBTI community. Jackson from Trans United.

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The Ambassadors for Amsterdam Pride 2018: Jip van Leeuwen

As every year, Amsterdam Pride is extremely proud of their ambassadors. This year's theme could not have suited them better, as each and every one of them have given their all for the LGBTI community. Jip van Leeuwen, Former Sports Director.

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The Ambassadors for Amsterdam Pride 2018: Francis van Broekhuizen

As every year, Amsterdam Pride is extremely proud of their ambassadors. This year's theme could not have suited them better, as each and every one of them have given their all for the LGBTI community. Opera Singer Francis van Broekhuizen.

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