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Travel : Amsterdam : Go Local, what our editors wrote

 Go Local nightlife revisited by our editors

Oh Yes... They're back: The Backdoor Tea Dance returns

The Backdoor Tea Dance is making a comeback in the ABE Club & Lounge in Amsterdam. The legendary Backdoor Tea Dance started in May 2000 in Amsterdam and became a household name in the gay party scene in no time. It was known as a gay / open-minded party early Sunday evening. The visitors were treated to free cigarettes, joints, tea, chocolate and fresh fruit in the lounge. Tea with a Twist!

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Mills Wins Her Third Drag Olympic Title

Miss Windy Mills, better known as one of Amsterdam’s leading drag performers, showed that she’s got more to her than just tits and ass by winning her third Olympic Gold title. She edged out Miss Nixx and Didi Licious who took silver and bronze respectively during the ninth International Drag Olympics held during Pride.

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The Future of Sexual Minority Histories

LGBTI ALMS Conference 2012. Between the 1st and the 3rd of August, more than one hundred individuals from all around the world (among others from Europe, South Africa, Canada, the USA and Australia) gathered together to attend the fourth edition of the LGBTI ALMS Conference, organized by IHLIA within the venues of the Public Library Amsterdam.

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Records Fall at 2012 Drag Olympics

The 8th International Drag Olympics held on Friday 3rd of August was a resounding success with twenty-four of the world’s top drag queen and king athletes smashing several long-held records as they competed for Olympic Gold.

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Eagle Is Ready To Soar Again

From the 18th of April the Eagle is open again. The cruise bar has been completely renovated and to celebrate the opening the Eagle is organizing RECON Full Fetish Amsterdam on Saturday the 19th of May.

Except for a new logo nothing has changed on the outside of the Eagle. The facade has a new coat of paint, but you still have to ring the doorbell to get in. If you’re not paying much attention in the crowded Warmoesstraat you’d walk st...

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HustlaBall Awards - And The Winner Is .....

On Friday the 21st of October the HustlaBall Awards were presented aa the first part of the HustlaBall at Berlin’s KitKat-Club. These are the only European porn awards and were granted three years ago for the first time. Consumers are rather important in this contest because they can vote online for their favorites. The battle is therefore not decided by the industry’s topmen.

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‘People that are different are born sick!’

In September youngsters filmed the response of random people in several neighborhoods to the photo installations of Pride Photo Award 2011. The clips showed how superficial tolerance and acceptance of homosexuality still is: it’s fine if you think you’re gay ‘as long as I don’t have to see it!’ The winning photos of Pride Photo Award 2011 were displayed outside on several squares in the city and youngsters filmed short interviews with passers by....

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Anco Hotel: Reliable & Renewed

For years, the Anco Hotel has been a constant in Amsterdam’s gay hospitality industry. After fourteen years, the current owners have taken over once again and haven given the hotel a thorough make-over. Modern and reliable, that is the Anco Hotel in the year 2011.

If you ask people in the city about the Anco Hotel, you hear the wildest stories. Especially the former hotel bar used to be very popular because of its late opening hours.

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Huge turn up at EuroPride in Rome

Hundreds of thousands of people joined the Euro Parade Rome in the final event of EuroPride 2011. The parade went through the centre of Rome to Circus Maximus where Lady Gaga performed for an estimated crowd of 1 million. She sang ‘Born this Way’ and encouraged her audience in this historic Circus Maximus to be revolutionaries of love. The American pop star criticized governments in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, where young people are force...

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Silver Anniversary With a Pink Lining

The national information and advice hotline Gay & Lesbian Switchboard celebrates its 25th anniversary. The Switchboard is a gay household name in Holland. Both youngsters wanting info on coming out as well as gays of a certain age seeking advice on homosexuality, bisexuality and transgender lifestyle issues find what they’re looking for with the Switchboard.

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Coffeeshop Downtown now also closed

From the first of January 2011 Coffeeshop Downtown closed its doors.

This was the smallest and last of the total range of gay businesses that brought the Reguliersdwarsstraat fame for decades. Downtown never had anything to do with selling marihuana, it has always been a classic coffeeshop and lunchroom. Like all the other big gay places in the street, Downtown was the property of café/restaurant tycoon Sjoerd Kooistra.

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Holland Grabs Silver At Mr. International Rubber Contest

It was an amazing weekend, from the 5th till the 7th November, when the fourteenth International Mr. International Rubber Contest was held in Chicago and the Dutch delegate Roger appeared from nowhere and jumped to the second place! Nine men from Canada, Germany, France, Italy and the United States fought it out for the coveted title. This was the largest number of contestants in the history of Mr. International Rubber.

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Pink Point Opens Franchise in Buenos Aires

Pink Point, the gay and lesbian information kiosk at the Homomonument that has been a fixture in Amsterdam for more than a decade, has opened a new franchise in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Pink Point Buenos Aires, based in a busy shopping district in the center of the city, opened its doors earlier this year. The founder is expat Dutchman Erik Hovenga Diaz: “I was in Amsterdam for the Gay Games in 1998 and followed closely the start of Pink Point t...

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Cameroon: Same-Sex Relations Bring Attacks, Arrests

Cameroonians are attacked by police, politicians, the media, and even their own communities if they are suspected of having sexual relations with a person of the same sex, four human rights organizations said in a joint report.

The government should take urgent action to decriminalize such consensual conduct and to ensure the full human rights of all Cameroonians, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, said Alternatives-C...

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Anti-gay protesters disrupt a Gay Pride march in Belgrade

Rioters threw petrol bombs and stones at armed police, who responded with tear gas and rubber bullets. The office of the ruling Democratic Party was briefly set on fire, and at least one shot was fired. Calm was eventually restored but more than 100 people, mostly police, were injured, with another 100 arrested.

Sunday's march was the first Gay Pride parade in Serbia since a 2001 event was broken up in violent clashes provoked by far-...

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Circuit Festival (Barcelona 2010)


It has been called the largest European International Gay & Lesbian event. This year, the Circuit Festival saw its third edition, full of culture, dance, tourism and leasure, on different locations in Barcelona and Sitges. There were more than 35 parties and 20 events for more than 55,000 people from all over the world. The Circuit Festival consisted of three parts: The Circuit Festival for gay men, the Girlie Circui...

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Protest against violence

On Sunday the fifth of September, over a thousand people assembled on Dam square to protest against increasing anti-gay violence. The protest was organised by action group “Right to Feel Safe," after a wave of violent incidents against gays and lesbians in last couple of months. From Dam square, the participants marched to several spots where gays have been harassed or beaten up. There, posters were nailed up with information on the incidents. Th...

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Historic IML Weekend in Chicago

On Sunday the 30th of May a female-to-male transgender in a wheelchair won the 32nd edition of the prestigious International Mister Leather contest: an impression of a historic weekend in Chicago.

It started in 1978 as an erotic pageant contest in a local bar, thirty-two years later the International Mr. Leather Contest is a mega event that attracts thousands of leather men to Chicago, and which generates seven to eight million dollar ...

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Extended opening hours for bars in city centre possible

Cafés and bars in the centre of Amsterdam can extend their opening hours if an agreement is possible with the people who live in the vicinity. The probable coalition of GroenLinks (Greens), D66 (Liberal Democrats) and PvdA (Social Democrats) in the centre aims to give the businesses as well as the residents in the area more responsibilities when it comes to deciding on opening hours of bars and cafés, says Jeanine van Pinxteren, (GroenLinks) who ...

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Mr Leather Europe - Writing History

Rome is basking in the sun when I arrive at Central Station on Wednesday the 30th of September; I’m sweating profusely when I run into Mr. Leather Norway. We find out we’re staying at the same hotel, the only problem is that neither of us knows where it’s located. He’s brought a map, but our hotel is not on it so I produce my phone with Google Maps, and half an hour walk later we’re at our destination. The rest of the day I spent walking through ...

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The Resurrection Of The DOK

Many complain about how little is happening in the Amsterdam gay scene over the last years. Well, the creativity and initiative which are needed to make a change in this situation seem to have been lacking in what was once the Gay Capital of Europe. Fortunately there are a few people doing their utmost to create new possibilities. Like club night producers Abiad & Malenka, who want to re-invent the DOK.

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Canal Parade 2009

Canal Pride 2009 was a great success with no less than 560.000 spectators. It’s these spectators that make Pride into what it is. Who are these people that flock from all corners of the country, and indeed the world, to watch the parade of boats? Who are all these people lining the canals for kilometers on end? Is it some kind of zoo type event, freak watch? Is the Canal Parade just plain and simple entertainment? Are they aware of the background...

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Lots of Praise for New Church

The paint was hardly dry when the brand new “cruise club” Church threw open its doors just in time for Gay Pride at the beginning of August. After years of seeing one club close after another (think iT, Roxy, Mazzo) finally Amsterdam could boast a new venue, and what’s more, on the Kerkstraat, the original gay street of Amsterdam. Behind the new club is the GALA foundation, more than fifteen years active in promoting gay Amsterdam and well known...

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Lots of plans for Gay Pride 2008

A bit later than we’re used to.... but here they are, the first plans for Gay Pride 2008. But we’re confused already. A few years ago GBA was the only organizer, now there are several. Pro Gay, Hugo Braakhuis’ organization that took over from GBA, is now chaired by Frank van Dalen. He states in a press release that he’s going to stage the Canal Parade and claims to go for “content and broadening of the scope of the event. The Parade itself will b...

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